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Technology is always changing

We live in a world that is constantly evolving and changing the way we operate our businesses. In Real Estate, no longer are Realtors the gatekeepers of information. Because of technology, the consumer is better connected and more educated than ever. Today’s Buyer & Seller can do their research through several online resources. All the property information they could ever want to see is online. So how does a realtor provide value in today’s market? Let’s talk about some of the latest marketing trends that we, as realtors are using to give value to their clients, which is producing a stunning video presentation of a property for sale, and why every one of our listings receives that treatment.

Basic marketing won’t cut it anymore

Local knowledge, negotiating skill, and experience are all things a realtor used to hang their hat on, but it’s not that simple anymore. And gone are the days where just having a great website, and property information available to the public doesn’t cut it. The best Realtors are on top of the latest technology and marketing trends and willing to spend the funds it takes to implement them.

Video is booming more than ever

A recent marketing trend that is still in the early adoption stage of the real estate industry right now is video. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that only 4% of agents put their listings on YouTube, yet real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those which do not include video. Last year after viewing one of the finest For Sale video’s we’ve ever seen (Beverly Hills / Video Tour), we were inspired to find a way create something that both we (The Marketers of your home) and the homeowner would be proud to show everyone we knew. The video above cost $20,000 USD to produce, but we thought there had to be a way to scale it for the Kingston market.

Sharpening our ax

A year later, after finding the best equipment, and hiring the best Marketing Coordinator available that was capable of producing these video’s, the Customers that have seen them have been impressed with our efforts. Below you’ll find a recent video tour of ours. Feel free to watch it and let us know your thoughts.

…And in closing, think about the statistic we gave earlier; 403% more inquiries with video attached to a listing, and ask yourself if this is the type of marketing that would work for your property. If it is then, we might be the Realtors for you.

Are you interested in working with us to sell your home for Top Dollar? We are always looking to work with people who appreciate great marketing.

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Drew Mayhew

Drew Mayhew

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